I Dare Trump to Grab This Pussy

Bart Nedelman anti-trump coffee mug humor Trump Trump the Sexual Predator

Our Mean Dem Cat design was made with our female genitalia-grabbing Fearless Leader, Donald Trump, in mind. What can you say about this moral vacuum who’s been accused of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment, including non-consensual kissing or groping, by at least 22 women since the 1980s? Obviously, foreplay is not one of Donald Trumps' strengths. Twenty-two women sexually assaulted and this Cheetos®-tinted sexual predator on steroids has never been arrested or spent one night in jail for sexual assault. More non-stick Teflon® coating than a Catholic priest in Boston in the 70's. America may have justice for all, but it's rich man's and poor man's justice.

OK, OK...we have to have a bit of fun or a laugh from time to time, even at our own expense. After all, a sexual deviate with Trump’s record is fair game for a play on words with our Mean Dem Cat. Of course, Trump still has huge support from evangelical Christians with broken moral compasses, those who don't care one twit what crimes Trump's committed. Maybe Trump will have the last laugh on us and get reelected. Or enough people showing and seeing our mug might make a little dent in some of Trump supporter’s consciences. It’s a long shot, they are incorrigible, but who knows.

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