Corrupted – Ctrl-Alt-Del Reboot America, Vote Dem 2020

Bart Nedelman anti-trump delete Trump Reboot America Vote Dem 2020

 When our computer system becomes corrupted and won’t work or gives us garbage, we have to hit the Ctrl-Alt-Del and reboot the system. It occurred to me that this is our situation with Trump, a thoroughly corrupted man spouting hate-mongering gibberish and garbage in almost all respects and aspects of his life. It’s time to think of Trump as an unstable, unusable, unreliable corrupted file and delete him in the fall 2020 elections.

There is a side benefit to defeating Trump – he loses his presidential immunity from criminal prosecution and the state of New York is going to be on him like a tattoo for bank fraud and a number of other criminal activities. Everything this man touches turns to crap, and he’s had a good start on America. Then again, he's had a lot of support and help from evangelical Christians, Russia, and white supremacists in his efforts. Get out the vote for 2020 and send this miscreant back to Trump Towers and his white supremacist, evangelical Christian and Russian supporters.

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