How Do You Like Your “Great Again” Racist and Fascist America Now?

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 H.L. Mencken saw it coming when he said, "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." There is debate about whether Mencken or Sinclair Lewis said this around 1935, but fascism has definitely arrived, people, with Donald Trump, the Republicans, and the religious right.

This is the reason why the American flag of our design, “How Do You Like Your “Great Again” Racist and Fascist America Now?” has the swastikas and crosses instead of stars. America can no longer claim to be a secular democracy. The underlying picture is from a German WWII propaganda poster of a soldier fighting for Hitler’s Fascist Germany. The Confederate flag adds a true, racist touch to the concept.

Fascism has always been an “us” versus “them” political movement about purity and patriotism, usually with the “us’s” being white, and the "thems," dirty “dark-skinned” or impure, non-Christians. Evangelical Christians almost unanimously support Trump’s polluting of the Supreme Court and federal court system with religious conservatives who decide cases based upon biblical considerations, not secular law. These Supreme Court justices and federal judges will poison secular America for generations. This is what happens when not enough liberals, progressives, and moderates vote to hold fascist, evangelical Christian white supremacists in check.

Trump’s judges don’t stop with hostility towards women’s rights, but have a “nasty disrespect for any individual rights that don’t flow from the God or the barrel of a gun,”[i] including a virulent hostility to minority voting rights, LGBTQ rights and protections, and race and gender discrimination.

Yes, the Swastika-Christian cross flag in our design is a true representation of how far America has travelled on the fascist, religious purity, evangelical Christian white supremacist road to greatness. Get the word out to vote Dem in 2020. America is in serious trouble.


[i] The Trump Court, Elie Mystel, The Nation Magazine, July 29/Aug 5, 2019

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