About Us


Democratic Supplies is here to give good Democrats with a voice a place to go to shop for clothing, accessories, home décor, and political merch to make visual statements.

We’re here to put merch out on the street - tees, clothing, boots and shoes, jewelry, art and posters - that make statements about where Democrats want the USA to go.

And were here to make visual merch statements about how Republicans and their often alt-right fascist, evangelical Christian white supremacist backers have used lies and political chicanery to harm and denigrate women’s rights, gay rights, immigrants, minority voting rights, people of color, and have done great harm and compromised our legal system by appointing judges more concerned about supporting religious rights than protecting human rights upholding the Constitution of the good ol’ USA.

We don’t care about being particularly nice to Republicans and the roughly 75% to 80% of evangelical Christians who support Republican fascist ideology like taking babies from their immigrant mothers at border crossings and putting them behind chain-link fencing indefinitely. Obviously, being nice ain’t working. Not with these people, anyway.

So, we’re here to make waves using merch. Get in people’s faces. Let people know what’s really going on by throwing the lies and mendacity back into their faces using merch.

We here to push the idea that America has elected a moral vacuum and ethical cretin, Donald Trump, as President and it’s time to vote Democratic before Trump and his Republican partners in crime manage to do more even damage to the country and the human rights of its citizens.

And we’re here to encourage everyone to vote Democratic to help turn this country around.